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Marsida Cukaj

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer

Hello everyone, my name is Marsida Cukaj. I am glad to say that I am a senior this year. For my second year on staff, I am returning as a copy editor. I am a traditional Catholic striving to live a simple life embracing my femininity and finding joy in the little things. I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities this class shall bring along this year.

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Attention seniors

Attention seniors

Marsida Cukaj, Copy Editor
May 14, 2023
Chasing credit. As the year comes to an end, more students find themselves struggling to find the motivation to attend school. In the years past, the attendance policy treated students with more comfort and flexibility. “Ultimately, when you are coming to school on a regular basis and youre on time, youre having positive outcomes. All of that does impact your confidence, which in turn positively affects your mental health and your well-being overall,” counselor Amy Chappelle said. “So, just as negative things kind of become circular and ultimately create more anxiety, the same can be said for getting into positive healthy routines with coming to school regularly and getting help when its needed.”

Caught in credit review

Marsida Cukaj, Copy Editor
April 24, 2023
Golden girls. Competing in the conference, seniors Chloe Cocco, Sabina Basil and Maria Valles Zubia won a gold award. Focused on children, their topic was ‘Kindness is a Superpower’ that emphasized the value of respecting others. “My favorite part of the conference was bonding with everyone that was there, like making new friends,” Cocco said. “We won a gold award and then a 90 out of 100. We felt pretty good because we were very nervous since it was our first time ever competing there.”

FCCLA takes a lead

Marsida Cukaj, Copy Editor
March 27, 2023

Girls get gold

Marsida Cukaj, Copy Editor
March 6, 2023
Miserable media. A new study found that teenagers are increasingly depressed, feel hopeless and are more likely to consider suicide. This is what technology and social media does. According to “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, “social media starts to dig deeper and deeper down into the brain stem and take over kids’ sense of self-worth and identity.”

Digital downfall

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer
February 1, 2023
Go gold. Throughout the years, the yearbook has had a variety of themes. “Whats different about the book [this year] is that we have a lot of new ideas coming in and theres a new flow this year,” junior Yearbook editor Claire Bemis said. “Since COVID-19, things have changed, but now, were getting back into our flow and getting in the groove.” In honor of Eisenhower’s 50th year anniversary, this year’s yearbook theme is moments of gold.

Don’t disregard the deadlines

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer
January 13, 2023
Spontaneous services. Lawn care, pressure washing, fall cleanups and snow removal are some of the main services that sophomores Bobby Staelgraeve and Blaise Sarate offer. “Dont be afraid, just do it,” Sarate said. “Just buy whatever you need, just do it and pass out flyers.” He utilized his sources at Shelby Junior High School and printed over 2,000 flyers to kick off the business.

Young, broke and busy

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer
October 28, 2022
During the homecoming game versus Anchor Bay, 
 junior kicker Rocco Fedrigo kicks off. With alumni watching, the game went into double over time after a close scoreboard during the game. Fedrigo nailed the game winning field goal. “It was just a good moment and I was really proud of myself for the work I put it,” Rocco said. “It really paid off on the field.”

Friday night lights

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer
October 16, 2022
Early bird gets the worm. Today, the National Honors Society had their first meeting at 6:30am in the PAC. “We met and started taking on all the different responsibilities and how we really just work together,” Wood said. Attend the next meeting in the PAC at 6:30am on Wednesday, October 12th.

Meet NHS’s new advisor

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer
September 15, 2022
Zooming zombies. Finally fishing their zombie apocalypse cross curricular project, (from left to right) juniors Phoenix McCreadie, Courtney Crews, Jeff Kausch, Clara Shkembi and Katelyn Drake show off their hard work. CSI students put together their creativity and skills from different areas of studies. “I loved working with people I wouldn’t normally work with which made me gain new friends or build stronger relationships with old ones,” Drake said.

CSI students get creative

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer
May 18, 2022
Homemade baked French fries

Homemade baked French fries

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer
April 20, 2022
Robert Hilliard, Robert Thompson and Jonathan show off their efforts at the International Career Development Conference. “I felt gratified because we put a lot of work into it,” senior Jonathan Kotas said. They will compete at Nationals at the end of April.

Eagles’ nest aims high

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer
April 4, 2022
Key Club welcomes new president, junior Ava Musharbash, for the 2022-2023 school year. “I was putting in all this hard work into school and not seeing any results besides the quick grades,” Musharbash said. “So, after putting all these hours into my clubs, I realized what Im doing is really paying off,” Musharbash said. She spoke about her plans for the future of Key Club and is thrilled to execute them out.

New Key Club President

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer
March 11, 2022
Most students hit that snooze button multiple times every morning before getting ready for school due to not getting enough sleep. Having a good breakfast is a motivator to get out of bed. “I can drink iced coffee or something that would make me more energetic,” junior Martina Yossif said.

You snooze, you loose

Marsida Cukaj, Online Reporter
November 16, 2021
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