CSI students get creative

CSI students work on projects


Zooming zombies. Finally fishing their zombie apocalypse cross curricular project, (from left to right) juniors Phoenix McCreadie, Courtney Crews, Jeff Kausch, Clara Shkembi and Katelyn Drake show off their hard work. CSI students put together their creativity and skills from different areas of studies. “I loved working with people I wouldn’t normally work with which made me gain new friends or build stronger relationships with old ones,” Drake said.

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer

Recently, friends and classmates at CSI wrap up this school year by working extra hard on some fun and interesting projects.

“I created an animation about anxiety, and the thoughts that may come throughout a school day,” senior Arianna Stewart said.

The seniors have been working on their capstone (climax) projects to show what they have learned throughout their time at CSI. The only requirements are the due date and to reach out and get an industry contact. Everything else is in the hands of the students.

Also, students participated in a cross curricular project where the skills from the engineering, multimedia and mechatronics students come together to create a masterpiece.

“Our project was to survive a zombie apocalypse. For multimedia, which is me, we made a short film and designed Legos and costumes,” junior Katelyn Drake said.

The mechatronics and engineering students created an alternative source of energy and survival structure. 

“It has taught me to be collaborative and that working with other people can be fun,” Drake said.