Putting through the season

As she hits the golf ball, senior golfer Alexis Sharplin competes at a golf meet. “I know that I could have done better, but the nerves make it difficult to play well every time. But for how bad I was playing, I was surprised that my score wasn’t horrible and still placed second on my team behind Ariel who placed second out of the entire State competition,” she said. Sharplin went on to place 50th at States.
The womens Varsity golf team wrapped up their season after competing at States
October 26, 2020

Finishing up the womens Varsity golf season, the team worked their way to Regionals and States to compete. “I just really like playing the sport, and I feel really good every time I hit the ball;...

Friday football on Fox Sports

Unable to attend the game, sophomore Abigail French instead watches from her television screen. “I think it was awesome that Fox was able to come to Swinehart and broadcast it for people like me who couldn’t go,” French said. By the end of the night, Eisenhower lost 10-24 to Dakota.
Friday night football reaches higher heights of excitement on Oct. 9
October 16, 2020

Friday night lights shone, everyone yelled, cameras flashed and the football team and the marching band walked onto the field with confidence, finally releasing the built-up anticipation of a semi-normal...

Trotting through the season

October 7, 2020

Hold your horses

Equestrian team makes it to Regionals for the second year in a row
October 1, 2020

After placing first in Districts, the equestrian team trots onto Regionals.  “It was really cool because my freshman year none of us knew how to do anything and to see us all winning a bunch of classes...

Fall sports follow new protocols

Throwing the ball back onto the field, senior Brandon Hineman plays in the varsity soccer game.
Per MHSAA, fall sports must follow new protocols due to COVID-19
September 30, 2020

Quiet, half-empty stands, two fans per athlete, parents cheering on their kids, no more concession stands. Fall sports look different this year. “People will not experience the same atmosphere of...

Michigan High School Athletic Association reinstates sports

Reese Binando spikes the volleyball at tryouts in August. MHSAA decided that volleyball is one of the sports able to have a season this fall.
Fall Sports come back with shorter seasons
September 14, 2020

Walking into practice, senior varsity soccer player Evan DeJong dropped his phone and ran over to his coach, asking if they were having a fall season. “It’s really exciting to know I can have a...

Coronavirus infecting the sports world

Coronavirus affect on the world of sports
May 21, 2020

With the spread of COVID19, numerous sports and sports agencies are canceled and shut down, what is to do for the fans of games; from the changes that broadcasted games to the player and fans, everyone...

Fall signing day

May 21, 2020

Powderpuff highlights

May 21, 2020

Men’s bowling advances onto bowling States

Photo credits: Eisenhower Facebook page
Dylan Kelley bowls to succeed
March 16, 2020

Many went to see the bowling teams battle it out at States and the mens Varsity bowling team devoted time to bring home the Division I state title, the first state title in the program’s history; they...

Stress of Student-Athletes

March 12, 2020

The struggle of juggling between school and sports add stress upon students causing them to not perform at their best which can lead to bad grades, poor sports performance and impact their day to day...

Athletic facility reviews

February 24, 2020

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