Update outdated dress codes

Update outdated dress codes

Justice Seay, Managing Editor
March 1, 2021
After placing third for journalistic photography at NSPA, senior Justice Seay displays her award. “I’m most proud of the fact that I was recognized for a piece I really enjoyed doing,” she said. “I’m very happy that I not only got to create a work I was passionate about, but [that] it was meaningful enough to stand out to someone.” This was Seay’s second award at a national level.

News media staffer wins big

Lauren Devereux, Staff Writer
February 24, 2021
“Going back to school has been pretty long and stressful. The best part is being able to see people in person again. My least favorite part is that it’s hard to spend time with friends due to the assigned lunch seats and one-way halls, which have definitely been a big change,” senior Jaden Potance said.

Welcome back

Rachael Gaulin, Staff Writer
February 5, 2021

Mask. Camera. Action.

Rachael Gaulin, Staff Writer
January 8, 2021
“I’ve always enjoyed driving sports cars. Ever since I first sat in the driver seat of one it’s been my true passion. Not only do I love driving them, but I love learning about how they are built. It has always been an interest of mine to learn about car pieces and parts that fit together to make a sports car. I cannot wait to have a sports car of my own and learn more about it. Back when I was only 7 years old, my dad offered me to drive a sports car around the neighborhood with him. Seeming interested, I said yes not knowing what to expect of it. After my first drive, I fell in love with driving, riding and the true design of a sports car.” 
Jacomo Gjergji ‘22

Humans of Ike

Kenna Snow, Staff Writer
January 6, 2021
“My biggest struggle was to make sure I did all my work on time even though it was credit, it just felt optional and it was work to find the motivation to do it. I overcame that by making sure I didn’t wait till the last minute to do any of the work and not spending all my time and stress on the little things.” Mya Scholten ‘23

We ask, you answer

Katelyn Hellmann, Staff Writer
January 5, 2021
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