As a way to prevent every kind of food that has a chance of causing sickness, ten-year-old Raina Telgemeier avoids anything and anyone with such symptoms, but learns that not everything can be in one’s control and to be able to talk about these fears despite the burden she may feel; all portrayed perfectly in her very own work, Guts.

Guts book review

Raiha Khan, Staff Writer
June 9, 2022
In Smile, an illustrated personal narrative of author Raina Telgemeier’s life in the form of a graphic novel, watch the author’s accident of falling on her face to find her two front teeth gone, progress to years of dental drama with on-again-off-again braces, dental surgeries and dentures meanwhile struggling with the pressures of growing up during teenhood, to reach a point where she could finally smile again.

Smile book review

Raiha Khan, Staff Writer
June 7, 2022
Exam Extravaganza, the picture represents how exams can help you later in life. Exams can help you in college and then later in the workplace. Over all exams can help you be successful in life.

Exam Effect

Molly Yeske, Staff Writer
June 6, 2022

Summer style

Hannah Ciolac, Staff writer
June 6, 2022
Harry Styles poses for his long-awaited album cover.

Harry in the House

Kenzie Brinkmann, Online Reporter
June 2, 2022
Prom problems

Prom problems

Rhonda Shoush, Staff Writer
May 26, 2022
High schoolers are overwhelmed  with homework and tests during the school day. Having a break outdoors during school will benefit students productivity to accomplish these tasks to the best of their abilities. I would love to take outdoor breaks because Im always stressed from working on my homework back to back, junior Achsah John said.

Baby lets go outside

Rohani Khan, Staff Writer
May 25, 2022
 A student putting their head down on a school desk, tired and frustrated from a lack of sleep the night before.

Push start times

Isabella Bidler, Staff Writer
May 20, 2022
Taco Bell fries are back, they may not look like normal fries but they taste like them.

Macho Nacho Fries

Molly Yeske, Staff Writer
May 19, 2022
Life is too short

Life is too short

Elysia Asmaro, Staff Writer
May 16, 2022
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