Friday night lights

Behind the scenes on the big game


During the homecoming game versus Anchor Bay, junior kicker Rocco Fedrigo kicks off. With alumni watching, the game went into double over time after a close scoreboard during the game. Fedrigo nailed the game winning field goal. “It was just a good moment and I was really proud of myself for the work I put it,” Rocco said. “It really paid off on the field.”

Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer

Playing in front of the largest crowd at a Homecoming game, including alumni who showed their support during the 50th anniversary, the varsity football team stormed the field against Anchor Bay.
“It was a lot more enjoyable because of the energy that the student section brought and it was good seeing some of the old players who I played with last year,” junior middle linebacker Cody Raymond said.

As intensity built towards the end of the game due to the close score, the team prepared for overtime. And then another OT.

“Every time we played, it was nerve wracking because I knew we were playing (another play) again until Anchor Bay missed,” sophomore left guard/defensive tackle Michael Dziadula said. “Then, I knew we were going to win after that.”

The ball traversed back and forth between teams, with junior kicker Rocco Fedrigo sailing a final field goal through the uprights. Ike pulled through, scoring the winning points.

“Everyone’s biting their fingernails, so everyone’s amped up on it,” senior center Tanner Solomon said.
The final scoreboard lit up with a 22-19 homecoming win over Anchor Bay–and all the alumni in attendance witnessed it, too.

“I was just happy for the team,” Coach Christopher Smith said, “how they played, how they continued to battle in there. They never gave up and so I was just proud that they won and were able to do it in front of the homecoming crowd.”