Meet NHS’s new advisor

Mrs. Wood takes over NHS


Alyssa Brown

Early bird gets the worm. Today, the National Honors Society had their first meeting at 6:30am in the PAC. “We met and started taking on all the different responsibilities and how we really just work together,” Wood said. Attend the next meeting in the PAC at 6:30am on Wednesday, October 12th.

The beginning of the school year always tends to feel fresh and sometimes a bit whacky; especially for this year’s new National Honors Society advisor and Economics teacher Michelle Wood. 

“I just thought it would be a great opportunity because I’m new to this school, to work with the kids and kind of take over something that’s already been established,” Wood said. “I didn’t necessarily think it was going to be easy, but I just thought I could step into that role and work with some great kids.”

After teaching at Stevenson High School for 17 years, Wood transferred to Ike last school year. In the Spring, she volunteered to take over the NHS and created a new website for it (Ike NHS).

“We’ve been having a little bit of trouble getting the word out there, but we’re getting better and better,” Wood said.

Wood and the NHS board have taken upon a variety of different responsibilities while striving to advertise NHS to prepare for new members to apply. They have worked together to set up a Remind, plaster posters and flyers on the walls in the halls and send out emails to current members and potential candidates.

“What we’re really going to try to do is focus on getting a group service goal,” Wood said. “So, something that we can work on that provides volunteering service to the community that involves the whole entire group instead of everybody off on their own doing their own thing.”

To start the process of applying for NHS, simply join and submit everything as required on Schoology. The directions can be found in the white envelopes qualifying candidates should have received.

“I just think that it makes everybody’s school life a lot easier to be here when they know they’re involved in something,” Wood said. “It is really important to be part of a group just to make memories. It looks great on your college applications. You know, it just makes school more worthwhile when you belong to something. Time goes by fast and everything’s fun along the way.”