Attention seniors

Don’t miss out on important events


Monday, May 15- Cap and gown distribution 3rd-6th hours (if all financial and academic obligations have been met.) Senior picnic shirts will also be handed out.

Monday, May 15- Senior parade during 6th hour. Seniors will wear their cap and gowns and parade the building as the class song plays over the speakers.

Monday, May 15- Senior sunset on the Practice Field at 8:00pm with FREE ice cream, music and a drive-in movie. Final mock award winners will also be announced.

Wednesday, May 17- Last day to purchase prom tickets. See Mrs. Bronson in room 518 with the pink table sign-up sheet completed.

Wednesday, May 17- Yearbook distribution during 4th hour.

Wednesday, May 17- Senior honors night in PAC at 6:30pm. Participating students who received an INVITATION must arrive at 6:00pm in the Commons. Don’t forget to wear cap and gowns!

Thursday, May 18- Cap and gown photos at Heritage Gardens from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Sign-ups are still available at IKE SANP: Cap and Gown Photo (

Friday, May 19- Last day to turn in additional graduation ticket form to the main office.

Friday, May 19- Last day to purchase the senior class video for $10 to Mrs. Dawson in room 310. Pre-ordered videos will be distributed at the senior picnic. After May 19th, the cost will be $15. There will be a limited amount of DVDs available at the senior picnic.

Monday, May 22- Seniors can begin to report laptop damage to the Media Center.

Monday, May 22- Senior thank you. At the end of 5th hour, every senior will have the opportunity to deliver a flower to a staff member who truly made a difference in their life.

Monday, May 22- Drive-in movie night at Ike’s parking lot. Lot opens at 8:00pm. The movie is playing from 9:30pm-11:00pm. $15 per car. Open to all 4 UCS high schools (Eisenhower, Utica, Ford, and Stevenson.) Must have student ID to participate. Food trucks located in the tennis court parking lot from 8:00pm-9:30pm. There’s also a limited amount of chairs available in front of the movie screen. 

Tuesday, May 23- Deadline to file prom guest passes. Completed guest pass along with a photocopy of guest’s ID must be turned into Mrs. Dobek in the main office.

Wednesday, May 24- 5th and 6th hour senior final exams. This is a full day of school and not a half-day.

Thursday, May 25- 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hour senior final exams. This is a full day of school and not a half-day.

Thursday, May 25- 5th and 6th hour mandatory senior meeting in PAC. Distribution of graduation tickets (cannot be replaced if lost.) Student name and line up, as well as seat locations will be posted. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of that information to aid in line up location at the O’rena. Row Leader Lists will also be posted with a short meeting held for these students.


Friday, May 26- 1st hour senior final exam. 2nd and 3rd hour mandatory laptop turn-in. Senior video followed by the school-wide clap-out. Parents who would like to join should enter through the PAC entrance at 10:00AM and sign in. After the video, parents will be led to the halls to clap their graduates out.

Friday, May 26- Senior picnic at Ike’s Practice Field from 10:15am-2:10pm. Students must remain until 11:30am and cannot leave early without an early dismissal form on file in the attendance office. Seniors should not bring any items to school they do not want to carry around at the picnic. Students WILL NOT be permitted to return any items to their cars.

Tuesday, May 30- Beck Centennial senior alumni breakfast at 8:00am. Please wear cap 

and gown for school wide assembly. Don’t forget to RSVP. 

Tuesday, May 30- Senior Prom at the Palazzo Grande from 7:00pm-11:00pm. Students must remain at prom until 10:30pm. Parent prom paparazzi is from 6:00pm-7:00pm.

Monay, June 5- Graduation practice at Oakland University’s O’rena from approximate;y 7:00am-8:30am. Mandatory for seniors. Students should arrive at the O’rena by 6:30 AM. Students are to enter through the LOADING DOCK entrance. Convenient parking for practice is located in the parking garage near the O’rena. Upon arrival, students should immediately locate their line up places. 

Tuesday, June 6- Roberts Elementary graduation reunion at 8:45am. Please consider wearing cap and gown. Seniors will be able to chat with former classmates and staff and be honored with a clap-out! RSVP by Tuesday, May 30.

Tuesday, June 6- Morgan Elementary senior alumni school wide-clap out and gathering in the Media Center at 3:00pm. Don’t forget to wear cap and gown. RSVP by Saturday, June 3. 

Wednesday, June 7- Beacon Tree Elementary senior alumni breakfast. Breakfast in the Media Center from 8:00am-8:30am. Mingle from 8:30am-9:00am mingle. Slideshow in the Gymnasium from 9:00am-9:30am. School wide assembly for achievement recognition at 9:30am. Please wear cap and gown. RSVP by Friday, May 19.

Wednesday, June 7- Messmore Elementary senior alumni breakfast and clap-out at 8:00am. RSVP by Tuesday, May 30. 

Wednesday, June 7- Duncan Elementary senior alumni breakfast. Light breakfast begins at 8:30am. Assembly begins at 9:40am. Don’t forget to wear caps and gowns! RSVP by Wednesday, May 31.

Friday, June 9- Monfort Elementary senior alumni breakfast at 8:30am in the Media Center. Please bring cap and gown. RSVP by Friday, June 1.

Friday, June 9- Senior all night party at Dave & Busters from 10:30pm-3:30am. Seniors must arrive before 11:15pm.  Don’t forget to bring student IDs! 

Sunday, June 11- EISENHOWER SENIOR GRADUATION CEREMONY at Oakland University’s O’rena at 10:00am. Seniors must arrive at 9:00am. Here’s a map of Oakland University’s O’rena: KOCIEMBA, SHELLIE – OneDrive (

Monday, June 12-If a student does not receive their diploma for any reason at Commencements, they can pick it up at Ike.