Don’t disregard the deadlines

Don’t forget to order a yearbook and upload senior messages before deadlines


Go gold. Throughout the years, the yearbook has had a variety of themes. “What’s different about the book [this year] is that we have a lot of new ideas coming in and there’s a new flow this year,” junior Yearbook editor Claire Bemis said. “Since COVID-19, things have changed, but now, we’re getting back into our flow and getting in the groove.” In honor of Eisenhower’s 50th year anniversary, this year’s yearbook theme is moments of gold.

One of the ways to recollect your high school memories of sports games, concerts, spirit days and funny moments is through purchasing a yearbook.

“When everybody is getting their yearbook, signing their yearbook, passing it off to their friends, and you’re sitting there and you don’t have your yearbook, then, that moment has kind of passed,” yearbook Adviser Erica Kincannon said. “It really is one of those things like throwing your cap at graduation. You want to do it right then and there. You don’t want to watch everybody do it and then do it after. It’s not as much fun.”

Feb.15 is the last day to buy the 2023 yearbook exclusively on Jostens’ website. As time goes by, the cost will increase. At the end of the school year, only a small number of yearbooks will be available for purchase at an all-time high price.

“A yearbook is a fun way to hold on to memories and you can always look back at it with your friends and look at all the funny things that you guys did in high school,” senior yearbook copy editor Roz Mikhael said.

Feb. 7 is the last day to upload senior message ads through in order to be included in the yearbook. These recognition ads give family, friends, and community members an opportunity to acknowledge students. This is Jostens’ national deadline, and no late ads will be accepted. 

“Students should purchase a yearbook because it’s very important to reflect on the memories that you have made throughout the year. Sometimes, when you get caught up in school and other things, like homework and family and sports, and extracurriculars, you get lost in the memories that you made during the school year,” junior Yearbook editor Claire Bemis said. “So, you really need to just buy a yearbook, recollect all the memories and be grateful for all the things that you have at Eisenhower.”