“World’s Greatest Cinnamon Rolls” review

Quick and easy cinnamon roll recipe to try something new


Marsida Cukaj, Staff Writer

Overall, these cinnamon rolls weren’t hard to make. The easiest part was taste testing the frosting, while the hardest part was kneading the dough.

These rolls don’t live up to their name as being “The World’s Greatest Cinnamon Rolls.” They turned out to be on the less sugary side and not so much cinnamon. Also, the texture was really bready.

A suggestion is to make sure to not let the dough sit longer than an hour and to roll out the dough into a rectangular shape. If using pure or organic vanilla extract, a recommendation is to add more sugar to cancel out the bitterness. This treat could have been better by simply just following the directions more precisely.

Altogether, these cinnamon rolls receive a solid rating of 6/10.