“WandaVision” raises the bar

The hit television show “WandaVision” creates a challenge for competing streaming services

Danielle M Carlisi, Social Media Manager

Marvel Studios’ first television series “WandaVision” wrapped on March 15 and left the world in awe after jaw-dropping visual effects, shocking twists and big budget action sequences; it, without a doubt, changed the game in streaming services forever.

The outrageous budget for the series really pushes the boundaries for great television. Disney spent up to $25 million per episode, adding up to a total budget of about $200 million, according to TheThings. For context, Netflix’s most expensive series, “The Crown,” had a budget of $130 million per season. 

Due to its connection to the largely popular film series, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), “WandaVision” gained tons of popularity from the previously-established fanbase. It was the most viewed television show across all streaming platforms in January before the whole season completed airing, according to Variety. “WandaVision’s” success pushes other streaming services to release franchise-related content that draws in a larger audience.

The creators of the series made the show with precise thought and authenticity; it was a beautiful ode to American sitcoms through the ages. The showrunners went as far as filming in front of a live studio audience and using only practical effects during the first two episodes in the nine episode series.

Unlike other streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max, Disney+ took a different strategy with their show and released episodes weekly. This move allowed for great conversations to take place among the fans and generate excitement for the next episode. It also made casual viewers of Marvel curious to watch the show.

“WandaVision” exceeds expectations for both franchises and streaming services alike; it was more than just an action series, it had heart. The thought and money put into it should make other streaming services sweat because Disney did not come to play. In the future, other companies may step up to the plate and produce more amazing shows, but in the meanwhile, a docu-special of the behind the scenes of “WandaVision” is now available on Disney+, showing the effort put into the making of the beloved show.

“WandaVision” rates a 4 out of 5 stars.