Taste of bubble tea

Thoughts on boba from Moo Moo Bubble Tea House


Popping, bursting, chewing, Raspberry to Matcha all the arrays of textures and tastes people can experience from boba, combining a smooth tea with little pearls of flavor inside.

Boba, a drink of Taiwanese origin, came to fame in recent years and is still trending in 2022. On 25 and Van Dyke Avenue, located next to Vince & Joe’s, there is a boba shop named Moo Moo Bubble Tea House. Moo Moo offers a variety of drink types on their menu, consisting of milk teas to fruit teas and even slushies. Along with that, they provide toppings to give your drink a little extra something, like fruit chunks or popping bubbles.

This cute bubble tea house is also perfect for people who venture different flavors. They offer exotic fruit flavors like lychee, a fruit described to taste similarly to a strawberry and a pear, or kumquat described to taste citrusy.    

Recommendations and a safe choice from this bubble tea house, ordering the Red Moon drink isn’t a bad idea. The Raspberry green tea base offers a sweet yet subtly sour taste, and the strawberry chunks that come in the drink compliment the raspberry well. Tapioca pearls add a nice chewy texture while not adding any additional flavoring.

When looking for another flavor to add, lychee jelly or popping bubbles pair nicely with this drink. The lychee flavor is still a safe option but makes the drink a little more exciting. This is also a part of their signature drinks menu.

The drink costs about six dollars, but can cost more if you decide to add toppings in the drink. After finishing this drink it’ll leave you wanting more, a good rating for this drink would be 5/5.    

Matcha has been a trendy drink for a while now, and it has no plans on dying down just yet. If you’re looking to expand your flavor palette and haven’t tried Moo Moo’s matcha milk tea don’t walk, run. The milky taste of the tea and the sweet and slightly bitter taste of the matcha blend perfectly. MooMoo’s tapioca pearls are used as a topping, this time with a brown sugar taste to sweeten up the drink.

With the brown sugar taste, it makes the drink all better mostly because the bitter aftertaste of the matcha doesn’t linger. Compared to the Red Moon, this drink wouldn’t be considered my favorite but it certainly is a staple drink if you don’t know what to order and find yourself feeling adventurous. Another option to make the drink sweeter, is to add fruit flavor jellies and popping bubbles, which could add a little more of an umph.

This drink is not a part of the signature drinks menu, which also means if you want extra toppings other than just the classic tapioca pearl, you’ll need to ask for more. This drink didn’t leave me wanting more like the Red Moon did, so overall an honest rating would be 4/5.

The drinks are completely different ranging from milky to fruity, and both deserve a try. However, the Red Moon takes the cake for now.