Time for a new sign

The old, aged sign was replaced with a new electronic display sign in front of the school


Bobby Hilliard

New display shows off our highschool pride to cars passing by. ”I think the biggest impact is just the information that we’re going to be able to share,” Principal Jared McEvoy said. “A big part of what we do is sharing with the community.” Students can find the sign in front of the tennis courts.

Bobby Hilliard, Staff Writer

 While everyone was off enjoying themselves during holiday break, the high school and Malow put up new and updated signs in place of their old ones. 

“It’s something you notice. It’s eye catching to somebody driving down the street; they notice us and they see a thriving school that has a pretty high standard of learning,” sophomore Niko Surtees said. 

 The change happened because the old sign deteriorated faster than maintenance could keep up with it. Principal Jared McEvoy put in the sign due to the cost efficiency of having to keep fixing up the old one. One of the new features is the sign displays images instead of an information blurb, which allows for broader implications, such as: showing pictures of teams or colorful text that stands out better.

“It’s been a relatively lengthy process because we wanted to make sure we were getting the best products for the money,” McEvoy said. 

McEvoy also collaborated with Malow and UCS to come to agreement on the signs. Talks of the signs went down for the past few years and plans to replace the old ones were up in the air. Money for the signs were collected from the student council and parent group donations, which helped this come into fruition. 

 “It is bringing us into really getting caught up with technology and what’s available,” McEvoy said. “This new sign gives us the opportunity to share more and provides the flexibility to do so. I think it’s going to be really good for the students at Eisenhower.”