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Lauren Devereux, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hi! My name is Lauren Devereux. I am a senior and this is my third and final year on staff. This year I am one of the Co-Editors-in-Chief with my good friend Danielle Carlisi. Some of my interests are photography and videography. I have always had a love for swimming which led me to join the swim team. In 2020, I started working with children to teach them how to swim and I recently got promoted to a supervisor. I’m interested in writing and psychology.

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Sitting at his desk, principal Jared McEvoy keeps himself busy after getting a new job position. “I was thinking about it last night actually, how just these five years have gone so quickly,” he said. McEvoy’s official last day as principal is July 1st.

McEvoy moves on

April 25, 2022
Students arrive at school to a bland parking lot. Painted spots would allow for more creativity.

Creative space

March 21, 2022
Skills set for life

Skills set for life

February 17, 2022

Make waves

January 17, 2022

Life after death

November 9, 2021
Mental health matters

Mental health matters

October 28, 2021
 Majority of the papers printed by students go to this printer. “I think for some people it is easier to remember stuff when you physically write it down,” sophomore Grace Shutter said. Most of the papers were thrown out shortly after being printed.

Paperless is waste less

October 15, 2021

We ask, you answer

September 30, 2021
Walking into school, students arrive early to be in class on time. The updated rules and regulations promoted timeliness and clarified excused and unexcused absences.  “We went from having 30 or 40 people come in late to school to 10, so its definitely made a huge difference,” associate principal Scott May said.

Attendance policy updated

September 13, 2021

Music to the ears

June 9, 2021
As school announces that it is going to shut down again, students have mixed feelings. “I personally prefer the four-day in-person schedule,” sophomore Selena Dooda said. “I love interacting with people; I love seeing my friends. I’m also a visual learner, [so] I learn better in person.” After going back online, Selena missed her friends.

Back to hybrid

April 7, 2021
On remote Wednesday, junior Gianna Brock listens to a Teams meeting. “I think we should keep half days because we can get help if we need it and can work on homework,” she said. After all meetings, she completed her homework in the afternoon.

Enough changes

March 17, 2021
Cheerleaders take a trip to the cider mill. “We got to eat donuts, pick apples, go on the hayride and much more,” senior varsity cheerleader Mia Doncic said. “It was really fun bonding with the team outside of cheer.” The trip was a team bonding activity.

Winter sports resume

February 3, 2021
After waiting two hours cool, junior Lauren Devereux cuts into the Christmas fudge. “I really liked it and was surprised by how well it turned out, especially because she has never tried anything like that before,” Devereux’s mother Jeanne Schleede said. The family enjoyed it and planned to make it again for the holidays.

Christmas fudge review

December 1, 2020
In her free time, junior Lauren Devereux likes to paint on a canvas. “I like painting because it relaxes you and allows time away from a screen,” Devereux said. The painting, painted last year, took about two hours from start to finish.

Breaching boredom

November 12, 2020
Principal Jared McEvoy sent posters promoting the yearbook via email to parents. “We offer the best price the earlier in the year that you buy,” publications adviser Erica Kincannon said. Buying a yearbook earlier guarantees students receive one and allows staff to plan out pages.

Buy a yearbook

October 9, 2020

Hold your horses

October 1, 2020
 Adding finishing touches to her design, senior Nichole Riley concentrates on making her poster. “I’m most proud of figuring out how to format it, lay it out and create unity throughout the poster,” Riley said. The posters took the place of the multimedia exam.

Picture perfect posters

January 14, 2020
In anticipation of upcoming swim meets, counties, divisions, and the state finals, junior Varsity swimmer Julianna Scharret prepares and focuses. This season she’s focused on being the fastest. “I usually sing songs just in order to take my mind off it.”

Just add water

October 22, 2019
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