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Students can buy the 2021 yearbook now


Principal Jared McEvoy sent posters promoting the yearbook via email to parents. “We offer the best price the earlier in the year that you buy,” publications adviser Erica Kincannon said. Buying a yearbook earlier guarantees students receive one and allows staff to plan out pages.

Lauren Devereux, Staff Writer

Yearbook class takes the opportunity to put a remix on the traditional style-yearbook. 

“I think every year is different and every year is important, but this year especially is a very unprecedented kind of school year. And there will be a yearbook to document it,” publications adviser Erica Kincannon said. “Students are still living their lives: learning virtually and connecting with their friends, celebrating birthdays and getting their drivers’ licenses, applying to college and opening acceptance emails, following trends on Tik Tok and social media—things like that. A yearbook documents history and this year is pretty historical.”

The 2021 yearbook’s theme is “Remix” because this school year is a mix of what school, sports and life was like and a twist with how it is now. Instead of the same set-up of chronological pages covering in-school activities as it has in the past, the yearbook staff is using this as an opportunity to think outside the box and look at new approaches for coverage. Student portraits and sports will be included, along with more feature topics such as: students’ cars and driving, fashion and social media trends, jobs, how they’re approaching virtual learning, hobbies, interests, vacations and more. 

“In all of my 16 years of advising, I never imagined we would be in this position to be meeting virtually and creating a book virtually; but I’m so proud of the yearbook editors and the staff for rising to this occasion,” Kincannon said. “It’s really been amazing to see them come together in what is a sad start to the school year because it doesn’t have the same memories and traditions that we’ve been able to give students. The yearbook staff still wants to be able to document what’s happening, share that with everybody and show all the good and positive things that are going on with people.”

Yearbooks provide a look back into what life was like during that time, whether it be past trends, that year’s events or old friends. And the 2021 yearbook will do just that.

“I always find it enjoyable being able to look back at everything,” senior yearbook Editor-in-Chief Chloe Pierce said. “People are able to look back in 10 years and just look at different types of trends they went through and different types of trends that were popular or things that happened.”

While the original lowest price and free icons option were set to expire mid-September, the yearbook staff worked with their Jostens yearbook representative to extend those opportunities for students. Buying a yearbook on or before Nov. 13 results in the best price available with free personalization, including: name and the option to add four free icons. After Nov. 13, the price rises from $80 to $85 and icons must be purchased separately.

“I think it’s important for students to get a yearbook this year because it’s going to be different than every other year because we aren’t going to be covering the basic school activities or events anymore,” Pierce said. “It’s probably one of the most memorable years our generation has had.”