Clubs return for the better

Clubs starting up again show positive benefits for students

Lauren Devereux, Staff Writer

High school brings groups of different students together and clubs allow those students to bond together to better themselves and their school; clubs returning after covid provide positive outcomes. 

Clubs allow students an escape from stressors of homework and personal matters. When at a club, students have the ability to put their home-life on hold and enjoy time with friends and other members of their community. 

The current changes in the world consequently limit face-to-face interaction. Many clubs started back up in October which include: Student Council, Key Club, Chess Club, Environmental Club, French Club, HOSA, Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), K-POP, National Tech Honor Society (NTHS) and Project Unify. Diversity club, drama, national Spanish honor society and Spanish club are still to be decided. Clubs, even online, provide a way for students to connect. 

Groups bring people together and promote conversations over serious subjects, such as mental health. Student-led groups get the school to talk about mental health and open up conversations of personal struggles, according to 

One may argue participating in clubs causes stress, but that’s the good thing about them: students get to choose whether or not to join. There’s also many clubs to join so different people can find different groups to get involved with. 

Joining a club, even if it’s online, provides positive benefits for students. Allowing them to continue with restrictions and guidelines is a good thing to better a persons’ health and involvement.