Drama develops determination and friendships

Julia Petterle, Website Manager

May 18, 2020

Drama’s described as an exciting, emotional or unexpected series of events or circumstances and is something that can relate to all of us; it can be shown in many ways including through musicals, plays and clubs. Students join...

Having some social distancing fun, my friend and I haul over to Wolcott and ride. While on the trails, we got lost, so it took awhile for us to find our way back.

Horsing around

May 8, 2020

The newspaper staff earned 10th place in National Scholastic Press Association's Best of Show competition.

Celebrate good times

April 30, 2020


Hello from Eisenhower

April 25, 2020

Social situations in distancing

Julia Petterle, Website Manager

April 6, 2020

Friendships and social interaction were invented for a reason and taking that away changes how people view life but also keep people safe. Although avoiding large gatherings and close contact with others is crucial for slowing ...

Physical activity focus

Julia Petterle, Website Manager

March 9, 2020

Physical activity is a way to step out of one's shell and build confidence; students need to always show confidence in their body no matter the size, but a healthy body is a totally different story.  Given that the brain is responsible for bo...

Practicing choreography with senior Mario Diponio, junior Sydney Townsend works on getting the sequences down right for the big night. “I am extremely extremely grateful for my part in the musical. I feel that I did prepare myself better than I did in previous years, which led to me getting this part, so I’m very happy with it,” Townsend said. Along with the choreography, Townsend worked on rehearsal of lines to better prepare herself.

Prepare to fight

February 24, 2020

As he focuses in, sophomore Charles Lucas pulls his BT-99. Charles Lucas Stoia received 94 out of a 100 points at States and the team ended in eighth place overall. “I was proud of the whole team we worked really hard that year to make it to states,” Stoia said. “I was very proud of myself, I practiced a lot to get good and all the hard work paid off.”

Clays for days

February 24, 2020

Looking through a book, sophomore Anya Jones studies for school. “[The school needs a higher budget] because this book is falling apart and multiple other books I’ve had in the past have also fallen apart or had stuff written in them,” she said. The millage vote could increase school funding across Macomb county.

Millage money

February 24, 2020