Travel tips ensure spring break success

Consider implementing these simple packing additions for a better travel experience


Justice Seay, Managing Editor

With spring break only a few days away, excitement fills the air as students prepare to travel, possibly for the first time in over a year; but with the excitement comes the anxiety and dread of deciding what to pack.

Follow these easy tips to improve a trip and get rid of unnecessary stress:


One of the most crucial parts of packing is planning what to take beforehand. In order to avoid a last minute panic attack on the plane trying to remember if an item was packed or forgotten, make a comprehensive list in advance of everything that needs to be taken on the trip. Using the checklist option in the Notes app — or with paper and pen if one is more old school — go through the activities for each day of the vacation. Start with a morning routine, including any hair styling or makeup products to any fancy evening dinners and plan out each day to ensure that one is not under-stocked in clothing or missing any necessary items like a toothbrush or phone charger.


Packing clothing can be one of the most stressful aspects of a trip, as one struggles to find a balance between having picture-ready outfits and fitting everything in the suitcase. If one is a spontaneous traveler and prefers not to plan each day in advance, pack a couple of basic tops and shorts that can be mixed and matched to adapt to any occasion. To avoid overpacking but still have peace of mind, only pack one extra top, bottom and pair of socks. This provides one with a bonus outfit in case of any wardrobe malfunctions.

Being from Michigan, many tend to hyper focus on the novelty of a warm and sunny destination, forgetting that the temperature often drops at night. Wear a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie or long-sleeve top layered over some lighter clothes while on the plane to alleviate some extra suitcase weight, block out aggressive air vents on the plane and protect one from feeling chilly or waking up with an abundance of mosquito bites after spending a night outside on the trip.


An aspect of traveling that many tend to forget is the down time spent in the airport, on the plane, in the hotel and while relaxing on the beach. During these quiet times, one may get easily bored; to avoid this, consider bringing some items that will keep one entertained. While in the airport and on the plane, wifi is often spotty or even unavailable. Before leaving for the airport, download a movie or show from apps like Netflix or iTunes that don’t rely on internet connection. Additionally, though some planes have built-in TVs, many rely on an older style of earbud to work. If wanting to utilize this feature on a longer flight, be sure to pack an old pair of headphones with the original plug.

Though a trip may be jam-packed with activities, there will inevitably be certain times that one experiences a break in between excursions. If taking some time to relax on the beach, bring a book or download some music to avoid solely focusing on how hot the weather is, leading to cutting the relaxation short. When spending time with friends in the hotel at night, bring a small, packable card game, or even just a deck of cards, for the opportunity to make even more memories.


Vacationing provides a much needed break from the hassle of everyday life; however, taking the time to pack a few practical items goes a long way in making the trip even more stress-free. When going out to the beach, shopping and dining, one will need to carry a wallet, hotel or house key and any other necessary items like a water bottle, sunscreen or an extra mask. Lessen the risk of losing these by packing a mini backpack or bag that can be easily carried from place to place. Packing this takes up minimal space in a carry-on and prevents one group member from being stuck holding everyone’s items in a heavy bag.

Having a fully charged phone while exploring is extremely important in order to stay safe. One may need to map their way back to a hotel or call a missing group member, so bringing along a portable charger helps immensely. This will also prove beneficial while waiting in the airport when all potential outlets are taken.

By following these simple, yet crucial tips and tricks, one will be sure to have a positive and successful spring break experience.