Keratin bond hair extensions review

The perfect way to spice up your look and change up your style


After receiving her extensions, sophomore Allison Vohs compares her hair before and after her hair extensions application. “Her hair looks very natural with the extensions in and I feel like this is a good option for people that are feeling insecure about their hair,” sophomore Ashlynn Durham said. Vohs plans to get these extensions again in the future.

For people feeling unhappy with their hair’s thickness or length but think that there is nothing they can do about it, hair extensions give them the transformation they want. 

The hair extensions are bonded using heat at the roots of the hair with small keratin bond attachments. Once these extensions are installed, they last around six to seven months before they have to be removed, which is great for people that want a long term fix.

A great aspect of keratin bond extensions is the low maintenance associated with them. The only things wearers need to do are using sulfate-free hair products and brushing the extensions multiple times a day to avoid the bonds tangling together. The hair extensions are great quality and can be treated as one’s own hair. Swimming, blow drying, styling the hair and using heat are all acceptable things to do.

These extensions provide versatile looks which are suitable for everyone. Wearers can talk to their stylist to customize the hair to their desired thickness, length and color. Keratin bond extensions also contain the options of choosing curly or straight hair, which makes them ideal for all hair types.

Another bonus to getting these hair extensions is the natural look they give off. The bonds lay flat and wearers’ natural hair covers them, making the extensions virtually undetectable. They also remain very comfortable for those who wear them and the extensions cannot be felt on one’s head once they get installed.

The only negative to getting keratin bond hair extensions is the cost. They usually are a pricey service which may deter some from choosing them. Also, the hair extension installation process takes on average three to five hours, so this service should not be booked when in a time crunch. 

Overall, keratin bond extensions can help switch up one’s style and drastically improve the looks of one’s hair. This definitely proves to be something worth getting done.

The hair extensions rate a five out of five.