Excelling through excel exam


Madison Westlake

Students such as Madison Westlake who are enrolled in the MS Office class, prepared for their certification exam by taking practice tests in their free time.

Katelyn Hellmann, Staff Writer

The students enrolled in the MS Office class recently took the MS office excel certification exam and senior Francesca Cipriano passed with flying colors. 

“There weren’t topics but [it instead tested] our knowledge on how we could navigate our way through Word and Excel with all the tasks we were told to complete,” Cipriano said.

The students were tested on their ability to navigate Word and Excel apps on the school provided computer. The class used the apps all year so that the students would be prepared for the exam.

“While preparing, I was a little nervous because I did not know exactly what was going to be on the test,” Cipriano said.

The class made sure everyone knew how to complete all of the projects before the test and redid the training multiple times. The night before the test, Cipriano watched videos on tips and advice as well as went through the list of objective domains.

“I became confident when I knew how to complete almost all of the tasks on the test,” Cipriano said.

All Cipriano’s nerves faded as the test ended and she was confident about all of her answers. By the end of the test, Francesca knew she did good and felt that all the preparation paid off.

“In the future this can help me if I need to use programs such as Word or Excel for a job,” she said, “and it is also nice to put on a resume.”

Cipriano’s nerves faded as the test ended and she was confident about  of her answers. 

This certification looks great on your Resume or LinkedIn Account,” MS Office teacher Angela Melton said. “You can copy the Certificate for students to give to a potential employer with instructions to verify.”