To speak, or not to speak

Clapback to the lack of freedom of speech on social media


Backlash burden. Hailey Bieber posted a picture of her modeling, and some people in her comments were not happy. Bieber receives hate from any little thing she says or does. Her comment section is full of hate speech and people saying rude things about her and her photo.

Social media has been the center of attention for this generation. People are aware of the type of influence the internet has on us. We can find out any information with the click of a button. However, if we look deep beyond the information on social media, there is an emotional standpoint.

Anyone is allowed to write, say or do as they please on their platform, but are we really allowed tot? Honestly, someone can have their own opinion based on any topic and still get hate for it. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? People are supposed to have their own opinion and speak on it, but anytime someone says something, they get bashed for it.

People are afraid to speak their mind or have a voice because they are afraid of being ridiculed for it. Even actual influencers get bashed for doing anything small. Celebrities such as Cardi B, have spoken about their political opinion and who they follow. “I was tired of getting bullied by the republicans and also getting bashed by the same people I was standing up for,” she said.

A celebrity proves that we don’t actually have freedom in speech when it comes to social media. Millions of people have their own opinion, however, they still will not state how they feel out of fear.

This generation has become sensitive to others’ opinions. It is an individual’s opinion, why should anyone have a judgment on how they feel or what they believe? Even if someone doesn’t agree with the other, there is no need to attack them on social media.

If anyone looks through an influencer’s comments, they can clearly see the amount of hate that the influencer recieves. The influencer could simply be walking, and a comment states, “Why are you walking like that?” We need to do better.

Even participants who are a part of the political party cannot even speak their own opinion because social media will throw vultures on them. Meaning sending death threats, threatening the person’s family or friends, hate speech, etc.

A way we can truly fix this is to stop attacking people through social media. The world is a scary place already, people do not need internet trolls attacking them as well.