Cinnamon Wars

Pillsbury and Cinnabon cinnamon rolls go head-to-head.


Famous Doughboy Flops

For $5.99, you too can be disappointed in the Pillsbury name.

A hundred and fifty-three years have passed since Pillsbury introduced their cinnamon rolls into the world. Stop at the nearest grocery store and this beloved recipe can be found canned in the freezer section.

Homemade offers a classic take on the cinnamon roll that Pillsbury lacks. Rather than providing a savor of cinnamon, the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls taste more like a biscuit, lacking the abundance of cinnamon typically present in cinnamon rolls.

Traditionally, cinnamon rolls are rolled to conceal the cinnamon in each layer, but the biscuit shaped Pillsbury rolls contain square chunks of cinnamon dispersed throughout the rolls. The outside and bottom baked hard, leaving behind a burnt taste in your mouth.

The best element is the icing, which tastes sweet and makes for a perfect topping; yet fails to make up for the biscuit-like roll underneath it.

The construction is simple and involves little to no effort besides removing the rolls from the can and popping them in the oven for fifteen minutes. The icing comes already packaged to spread on over the rolls once baked.

This makes for a good, quick breakfast option. Regardless, the taste and construction of the roll itself lacks the nature of a true cinnamon roll. These rolls left an underwhelming feeling in place of excitement originally felt.


Cinnabon Captivates Classic Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnabon perfects the cinnamon roll recipe.

Starting later than Pillsbury in 1985, Cinnabon opened with the goal of achieving the perfect cinnamon roll. Goal achieved.

While this is only a copycat recipe it definitely delivered. The roll was the flawless picture of gooey on the inside and soft on the golden outside. One could eat around each ring enjoying a new layer of cinnamon. Perfectly topped with cream cheese frosting melting into the warm bun, while sweet, never tasted overpowering.

Deliciousness in every bite.

The only downside was the amount of time and effort that goes into home making this recipe. Including two hours’ worth of making the dough, spreading the cinnamon, rolling the creation, and cutting it into the perfect rolls. As the rolls cook, the next step is to prepare the cream cheese frosting. Even though the construction takes longer, the steps are simple and easy to follow.

The secret ingredient behind this recipe is the heavy cream poured over the rolls before putting them in the oven. This step allows the rolls to bake fluffier and fuller, stopping the bottoms from hardening or burning.

This breakfast recipe is definitely worth a try. Hundred percent recommended.