Called out by Tyler the Creator

Senior Anthony Franco got noticed at Tyler the Creators concert for showing off his random book


Senior Anthony Franco holding the book “The Echo Maker” after getting it recognized by the rapper, Tyler the Creator. “He looked at the back of the book, read the first sentence, then decided the book was bad,” said Franco. Franco and his fellow seniors plan to keep getting recognized at more concerts to come.

Shea Hathcock, Digital Editor

On Monday, April 28, seniors Anthony Franco, Trent Baker and Bobby Hilliard purchased general admission tickets to see the American rapper, Tyler the Creator, at the Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit. 

“I love Tyler the Creator,” said Baker. “I think his music is so deep.”

Before the boys went into the show, they decided that it was going to be their goal to get noticed by the famous rapper.

As a last desperate attempt to gain the rapper’s attention, they grabbed a random book from their car that sat  in the back seat for months and none of them had read before and brought it along for the ride.

“It’s called the “The Echo Maker”,” said Franco. “We brought it into the concert thinking nothing of it, but made it a mission for Tyler to see that we had the book.”

After seeing the music artists Teezo Touchdown, Kali Uchis and Vince Staples right before Tyler came out, the guys got ready to try and get their random book noticed. 

Franco was doing everything with the book. He started mosh pits, pretended to read the book in-depth and crowd surfed.

After all these outrageous acts, Tyler called out Franco in front of the entire stadium full of fans, and he told Franco to give him the book.

The security guard took the book and handed it to Tyler, where he then read the back of the book and began to talk badly about it. He called the book “trash” then went on and called Franco “stinky,” “ugly” and more. He then proceeded to have the entire crowd “boo” Franco just because he didn’t like the book.

“He looked at the back of the book, read the first sentence, then decided the book was bad,” said Franco. “The first page says ’I am no one,’ and I was just hoping he would look at that first page and think to himself: ’this is a deep book,’ but he didn’t. He looked at the back and just threw it back to me.”After the crowd stopped “booing” the senior, the show went on like normal.

Franco and all of his friends were ecstatic they got noticed by Tyler the Creator and plan to continue trying to get noticed at concerts.