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In-person theater performances return after year long break from pandemic


The actresses and actors prepare for their first performance of the year called “Trap!”

Shea Hathcock, Digital Editor

Two years ago, school changed for everyone, and theater is making its way back.

 Coronavirus changed theater performances around the world in ways which created struggles for those involved.

“Working virtually last year, I had to record people off their screens on their laptops, digitally cut out all their acting images, put it all in there with a background and it took me months to edit film down,” drama teacher Eric Wells said. “So to be back on stage live is perfect.”

When last year came around and schools were half virtual and half in-person, musicals were challenging to produce because students could not meet all together, so they could not rehearse at once. 

“This year is better because honestly, with COVID that’s been in place, it shows a lot of students what they missed. So when they come in, they don’t take it for granted anymore. They come in and they work really hard,” Wells said. “They’re all just excited to be here.”

This year, it’s completely different. It is not mandatory to wear masks, be six feet apart, etc. Which means, musicals are coming back. The actors and actresses are getting ready to perform the musical “Trap!”.

 “Trap!” is a documentary done on stage about the death of 251 people in a theater that happened back in the 1940s. The first performance is October 29th at 7:00pm. Second performance is on October 30th at 2:00pm and 7:00pm.

“The fall play and spring musical are finally back to normal. Everyone involved with the fall play has a newfound appreciation for the in-person production because of our virtual year,” Senior actress Hailey Nichols said. “It feels great to perform onstage again!”