Winter wonderland or sprouting spring

I think spring is better than winter


Winter is often seen as the worst out of the four seasons to most but not to all, “I prefer the winter air instead of being sweaty and sticky under the sun,” sophomore Savannah Beydoun said. People had said winter was the gloomiest time of the year.

Savannah Beydoun, Staff Writer

Winter brings holiday spirit, hot coco and snowmen while spring brings biting bugs and rain.

As winter comes to an end and spring swoops in, it’s time to think about how badly winter will be missed. Winter is the best season and waiting ten long months leads to a sad mental state.

While waiting, dream about winter’s return, drink coco in the middle of spring and imagine the snowflakes even in the heat; don’t give the spring lovers what they want.

Winter includes lots to be excited for, including: Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Christmas. Meanwhile, spring has the less widely celebrated holidays: Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and April Fool’s day.

During the winter most bugs die and hibernate, leaving those pesky pests out of the house and out of the way. In spring those menaces return to haunt—flies swarm food and bees sting, all while spiders find themselves cozy in your bed.

 Instead of getting drenched in rain and sweating due to humidity, winter offers more fun by building snowmen and making snow angels. Snow is pleasant and clean to play in, whereas mud makes a gross and smelly mess.

Thanks to weather forecasts, those in school can experience snow days to cozy up in pajamas during this chilly season. More time with family produces less stress and better grades combined with the already booming holiday spirit. Spring only offers one break and a few days off for Easter, leaving it unable to compare.

Snow brings more than days off and play time; it puts winter sports back on the table. Skiing is a blast with the family and friends by speeding down large mountains and hills. Hockey players that normally stick inside get some fresh air with an outdoor ice rink or frozen lake; ice skating is much more enjoyable than roller skating inside during spring.

The food never stops creating smiles in the wintry weather with many delicious treats, such as: festive cookies, hot coco, peppermints, snowman cupcakes, warm cider and Thanksgiving pie. No special food is in sight for the rain season, besides putrid boiled eggs for Easter that typically end up in the trash stinking up the household.

Spring is worshipped as the best season. In reality, winter is never ending joy and warm feelings with fuzzy clothing, has the best food to exist year round, saves students from a full school week, puts the bug pests to rest and most importantly is the season of Christmas which proves it’s superiority.