Shredding for spring break

Complete the 2020 two-week shred by Chloe Ting to tone up


To receive a quick tone-up before spring break, follow along the new two-week shred by Chloe Ting. “I really noticed a difference even within the first few days of the program; I felt a lot healthier and my stomach became less bloated,” senior Kendall Westgate said. This program helped to eliminate body fat.

Kendall Westgate, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In order to get a toned up body for spring break, Chloe Ting offers a new two-week shred to help those wanting to shed some weight.

Focusing on ab muscles and body weight loss, this program offers great videos to follow along each day, with three rest days allotted in. This is made very easy by following along on the website on the workouts needed for the day. With the shred lasting two weeks, it’s an awesome opportunity to quickly get the spring break body many want.

Even though the workouts last two weeks, one may struggle with getting the motivation to workout. To help gain motivation, working out with a friend offers a great strategy since they can motivate each other to get through the program.

The workouts will leave most in a sweat since they target the full body, especially the abs. Ting provides lower impact exercises if those in the workout are too difficult, which makes this program more accessible. 

The videos last 35-60 minutes, allowing the workout to fit into a busy day. Some of the workouts are optional—like the warm-up and cooldown—but are strongly suggested to aid in relieving soreness. 

To find this program, go to Chloe Ting’s website and search under “programs.” Under programs, scroll down and click on the 2020 two-weeks shred challenge to participate.

Due to the quick, easy workouts, but the possibility to lose motivation, this program rates four and a half out five dumbbells.