Music unites students

K-pop club starts virtual meetings

Danielle M Carlisi, Social Media Manager

Even while separated, students come closer together through their love of music, due to the K-pop club created by senior Sophia Considine and senior Isabella Voss in the 2019-2020 school year.

“I really like K-pop and I figured there’s others who like it too so why not make it a club? I knew it’d be fun,” Voss said.

Advised by Paula Stiff, the meetings take place every other Wednesday, with the first meeting taking place on Dec. 2 at 11 a.m. The club exists for students with a passion for Korean pop music along with people who want to learn more about it.

“My favorite part about the club is sharing the love we have for Korean music, and introducing the new world and culture to people who are unfamiliar with it,” Considine said.

During a typical meeting, members watch recently released music videos together, discuss new artists or groups and occasionally learn choreography for the chorus of a song. The virtual platform also allows for new activities, like cooking Korean food. No camera policy exists for the club.

“I’m so happy to be finally starting meetings up again and I just hope we can find enough people who like K-pop or are interested enough to continue this club years after I graduate,” Considine said.

To attend the meeting, join Stiff’s schoology with the code “ZTD2-BVXJ-X4TXV” and click the yellow folder called “kpop” to view the Teams meeting link. The Instagram is @ikekpop. If anyone needs more clarification, they can contact Stiff at [email protected]

“I think students should join because the members are a great group of enthusiastic and energetic students who love music,” Stiff said. “It is also beneficial to be a part of a small organization that focuses on music that is so culturally different from our own; it opens up one’s eyes to the differences we have yet allows us to also see how similar we really are.”