NAHS transforms senior wall

In the 41 years of Eisenhower High School, sunsets and bubbles are two things that never made it on the senior class wall, until this year. Senior National Art Honor Society (NAHS) members painted the senior class wall with images that represent more than just suds.

“The bubbles mean something,” senior Class President Francesca Cusumano said. “The bubbles symbolize the wishes that we all have and represent the bubbles that we blew at our senior sunrise earlier this year and the bubbles we’ll blow again at the end of the year.”

At the senior sunrise that was held in September, students made a wish for each bubble blown. This idea was incorporated in the wall design by spelling out the word “seniors” with bubbles that have the reflection of a sunset.

“Painting the wall meant a lot to me” senior NAHS President Alessandra Maiorano said. “It allowed all of us to take our talents and put them out there for the benefit of our whole class; we really left our mark.