Yearbooks sell out


The yearbook staff officially sold their last remaining 2014 yearbook on Thursday, May 22.

About 1,380 students pre-ordered a yearbook, resulting in 1,400 books ordered. After pre-ordered books were distributed, the yearbook staff sold all remaining books. Demand was so high that administrators gave away their books to students.

“This year was definitely crazier than last year,” yearbook editor-in-chief Kristen Mezser said. “I have no idea was this year was so different.”

After countless students tried to buy a sold out book, the yearbook staff created a wait list. The list allowed students to sign up to get a yearbook if any leftovers were found.

“I was third on the waiting list and ended up getting a yearbook,” junior Rebecca Rranza said. “When I found out there were extras, I felt like the clouds had left the sky and the sun was shining bright.”

With the demand so high, many parents and students requested the staff to order more yearbooks to be printed.

“Although we wish we could, it’s not possible for us to order anymore yearbooks,” Mezser said. “It would cost us way too much money.”