Student council executive board undergoes change

Student Council will soon meet changes when its executive board, filled with 10 seniors who’ve served for two years, must be replaced by aspiring juniors and sophomores.
“There is no such thing as a bad group or a good group of kids, just different types of leaders,” Activities Director Amber Bronson said. “The kids in Student Council will find the job that best suits them. “
Current seniors on Student Council (StuCo)now bear new responsibilities to teach the underclassmen the inner workings of the executive board, such as running a meeting or scheduling
and managing a major event like Toys For Tots.
“Each year is a new challenge but it comes with a new reward,” Nelson said. “We will be honored to hold meetings with the new eBoard members throughout the duration of the school year. Doing so enables us to better motivate this young, developing minds.”
Aspiring StuCo underclassmen will run for board positions within the last weeks of March.
“I want to be a bigger part of Student Council and of our school as a whole,” junior and eBoard hopeful Michael Kramer said. “There’s going to be a ton of challenges that I’m going to be expected to overcome, but I’m really excited to have that responsibility.”
Planning the LCCE Prom is the first event the StuCo will overtake after the change in eBoard takes place.
But this change isn’t new. Every year when the seniors on executive board leave, the responsibility of planning next year’s student activities are left to the sophomores and juniors. Bronson anticipates no problems for the next school year.
“We’re used to it and there is always a learning curve,” Bronson said. “But the kids doing this are the best kids, with the best experience at problem solving and planning events and they will always do a good job.”