Snowday solution search


The below zero temperatures and record 83 inches of snow threw Utica Community Schools for a loop this winter season.

After multiple school districts called off school for eight snow/cold days, state lawmakers began to look for solutions as to how to make up the lost days. Michigan Representative Phil Potvin proposed a bill, HB 5285, on Feb 6, 2014, which would enforce the number of required hours a student must receive instruction and drop the required number of days.

“Utica Community Schools is currently exploring the options we have open to us to make up lost time. We may end up adding extra minutes to the end of a particular school day, or adding additional days to the end of the year. A decision will most likely be made when we know the final number of days missed,” said Tim McAvoy, Director of School-Community Relations.

The proposed bill would give districts an option as to how they want to make up the missed days, depending on what’s best for that particular district. HB 5285 has been referred to House Education Committee for consideration.

“I’d would much rather add extra time to the end of the days,” junior Remie Wozniak said. “It’s better to stay after school for a couple days then cut down on summer vacation.”