Walking on up

Eisenhower welcomes a new staff member aboard


Sitting in her office, Associate Principal Kate Walker writes down some notes for the day. “I’m excited for everything, I’m super pumped about this job,” Walker said. She has been working up to this position for more than ten years and is ready for the challenge.

Leading into a new school year, a new faculty member joins the Eisenhower team with high hopes

After teaching math and science classes for 18 years at Henry Ford high school, Associate Principal Kate Walker decided to switch gears to an authoritative position. She tested the waters by taking an internship in April and her position was made official at the June district board meeting.

“I felt like the timing was there. The skies opened up and the job opened up so I applied for it, but it took a while to cover my position on board,” Walker said. “So It caused a little bit of a delay to get hired here at Ike, but I was happy to finally get on board.”

Walker had been thinking about taking up this position for over ten years, leaving plenty of time to think about how she could potentially impact her new school.

“Now I get to just be involved with more people and a bigger platform. You know, so I can use that leadership of leading a club and a classroom and affect more people,” Walker said.

Walker hopes to become a new positive role model students can look up to and be someone students feel comfortable coming to. She is most excited about the homecoming festivities moving forward.

“[I want to accomplish] Spreading kindness, positivity and keeping kids involved,” She said. “Just being a positive role model for others, both staff and students, and bringing a lot of energy to the building and to the environment and culture.”