Singer signs off

Assistant to the Principal Alicia Singer retires after 18 years


Assistant to the Principal Alicia Singer stands alongside the dedicated mural to the 2022 graduating class. “My love for education was so strong but couldn’t transition into the K-12 world- I did not have a teaching certificate yet,” Singer said. She was very glad to achieve the opportunity to meet so many great people during her last two decades at Eisenhower.

Starting her career working for a family friend at a carry out food shop, Alicia Singer rose to become the President of Recognition for the Detroit Area Training Association for Kmart- and eventually finalized her career working at Eisenhower.

“I dearly love education, but it is time to say farewell to my Ike Family,” Singer said.

She originally did not intend to go into education, graduating with a degree in Business Administration. Working at Kmart, she was transferred into the Financial Reporting department, where she discovered teaching.

“They recognized this skill set and sent me to work in the Training and Development department. This is where my love of education grew,” Singer said.

She applied for the Administrative Assistant position to the Director of Special Education for UCS and was hired on the way home. She began working with Dr. Krug and the Special Education team in 2002.

“In the summer of 2004, the Administrative Assistant to Eisenhower position opened and I couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to work there. I was interviewed and got called on my way back to the board office, offering me the position. I felt such joy receiving that phone call,” she said.

During her time at the school, she worked with principals Gloria Bawol, Nanette Chesney and Jared McEvoy for 18 years. Unknown to most, Singer created the Eisenhower High School logo known today.

“The concept to create a logo was from my experience at GM, that you want to create a brand just by a memorable visual,” Singer said. What a brand you all are.”