Students Discuss Material Preferences

Junior and Sophomore discuss student preference on online assignments vs. hard copy assignments.


Students work on electronical assignments.

Screen time vs. paperwork. Last year, most teachers had all their assignments online, but this year students are back full time, so which do students prefer and which do students learn better from.

“I prefer having homework online and just typing it because I think it goes faster. I don’t like keeping track of my papers,” junior Molly Yeske said.

 Studies concluded students who hand wrote their notes retained more of what they were taught. The students who took notes on their laptops had a more shallow understanding of the concept, according to researchers from Princeton University and the University of California at Los Angeles.

“Probably writing because they say writing helps you learn faster but, it’s kind of weird because you do have to keep track of both paper and your assignments on the computer.” Yeske said.

Though students tend to say they prefer online assignments, many will admit that they retain information better and faster when hand writing it. 

“I feel like now since we’re in a more digital age, it makes understanding information and retaining information easier to do on the computer,” Said Sophomore Vivian Pozsgay.

Many juniors will admit they do learn better in highschool by physically writing because they had that 9th grade experience of “normal” highschool. Sophomores, on the other hand, didn’t have that, so online is what they are used to.

Although studies have shown that by handwriting schoolwork it sticks in your brain better and faster, some students truly do learn better online because it’s what they are used to.