Telethon for tots


Student Council held a live ‘telethon’ during the first ten minutes of every class on Dec. 3. Every hour students pooled their money into a class collection and had a designated ‘runner’ bring it down to the media center.

In the media center, the money was counted by Student Council and the amount of money collected from participating classes was displayed on a large white board.

“When I first did the telethon, I didn’t think it would work. But after seeing the outcome of it all I honestly think the telethon is one of the best ways for Student Council to raise money for Toys for Tots,” junior Student Council representative Michael Kramer said.

Every year the Student Council runs the telethon. The event proves to be very profitable and its success has increased due to the support from Ike’s teachers.

“Teachers really encourage kids to donate towards the cause and each year teachers get more and more competitive, which is extremely beneficial,” Kramer said.