The class electives debate

Rachael Gaulin, Staff writer

With scheduling coming up in a couple months, students try to figure out what classes they can take, whether a student  just came to Eisenhower, still needs another 2 years or will graduate next year. 

When scheduling, students tend to think if they got their credits so they can graduate. One of the elective credits high school students must take  to graduate consists of one semester of gym and the other semester of health. Electives like Marketing and Home Economics aren’t required for students to take, but without these electives being required students don’t always think to take those kinds of classes.

News reports show that nearly half(47 percent) of American high school graduates complete neither a college- nor career-ready course of study,” according to a article. That is way too many recent grads that clearly do not understand what their college or career plan will look like. High school should be setting students up for their futures, but with that statistic it doesn’t seem like that’s the direction they’re heading. 

Home economics will teach you many of the skills that can help you become a functioning adult and a thriving part of a community, according to Even though taking a class like home economics just teaches you the basics of life like cooking and cleaning, it can still be important skills everyone should know at an early stage in life.

Some argue that any of these skills the electives can be learned over time and that is true. However, it’s better though to take the class in high school so when looking for jobs and college opportunities there can be more space to focus on finding a career than taking basic classes. College classes cost a lot of money while high school almost every kid and teenager attends through taxes.

Allowing students to pick and chose electives that will prepare them for life is more beneficial for students who do not know what they’re going to do.