“Dangerous” album review

Popular country artist Morgan Wallen released a new double album on Jan. 8

Rachael Gaulin, Staff Writer

After many months of writing and recording, country artist Morgan Wallen releases a double country album to kick off the new year strong. 

“Dangerous,” the double album released to music platforms on Jan. 8, 2021, filled with 30 unique country songs. Most albums artists release usually never contain more than 15 songs, unless it’s a soundtrack to a movie or T.V. show; considering it’s a double album, it contains twice the amount of songs a normal album would contain. With a total listen time of one hour and 37 minutes, it’s definitely worth the time. 

After only being out for one week, it already made it to the number one spot on the album charts, according to iTunes and of those thirty songs, seven of them made it to the iTunes Top 50 Chart.

The most popular song on the album, “Wasted on You,” follows the plot of a certain relationship wasting time since it didn’t work out. A personal favorite, “More than my hometown,” describes how much they love a person, but they love their hometown more; it gives a homebody type of feeling due to the story being told. The final song in the album, “Quittin’ Time,” starts with a calm guitar beat and talks about how there isn’t time for much in everyday life, so it’s time to quit and take a break. 

This album contains a variety of different country songs, from breakups to memories to just lost in thoughts. 

Since the artist is older, there are some explicit songs so listen at your own risk. Most of his songs contain memories or love related songs. His song choices aren’t something everyone enjoys, but it never hurts to give it a try. With the variety, a song could end up in the favorites playlist on the music platform. 

Overall, this album is a hit and enjoyed by many. Not everyone likes country music, but for people who do, this is the right album.

“Dangerous” rates a four and a half out of five on the charts.