Haunted hayride season arrived

Kendall Westgate, Editor-in-Chief

Spooky season arrives and the weather cools down, which indicates haunted hayrides are all the thrill.


Scarefest Scream Park

34111 28 Mile Road 

Lenox Township, 48048

$15 – $83

Scarefest Scream Park’s haunted hayride, located in Lenox Township, didn’t impress. The ride was long, which was pleasant but not scary. There are better options available for those seeking a scary haunted hayride. It was predictable, which ruined the scary effect. However, workers jumped up onto the tractor and stared at certain people for a few minuteswhich was riveting. Scarefest Scream Park also offers a haunted house, haunted forest walk and haunted dark maze. Overall, their haunted hayride rates a one out of five scares on a rating scale. 


Haunted Blake’s Halloween attractions

71485 North Avenue

Armada, 48005

$11.50 – $20.95

Blake’s haunted hayride, geared more towards younger kids, did not scare. Lasting approximately 25 minutes with around 20 scenes, audience members enjoyed donuts and cider halfway though. The hayride displays a variety of actors dressed up, some of which run around with chainsawsalthough they never come close to the wagon. Besides the hayride, Blake’s offers zombie paintball, a haunted house and corn maze. All in all, there are scarier haunted hayride options. Blake’s haunted house is rated a two out of five scares on a rating scale.


Slaughtered at Sundown 

71800 Romeo Plank Rd

Armada, 48005

$10 – $45

Slaughtered at Sundown offers a scary haunted hayride, which teenagers love, lasting about 20-30 minutes. The actors make a point to include most participants on the ride by touching them, which makes it frightening. Following their tradition, the actors tell a spooky story about what will happen and throw out funny jokes tying back to the story line. At the end of the ride, workers provide donuts and cider, which tastes delicious after a quality scare. Slaughtered at Sundown also provides a haunted house for attendees. Their haunted hayride is rated a five out of five scares on a rating scale.