Varughese decides on Ike

Katina Sutarov, Page Leader

When a private college-prep boarding school, like Cranbrook High, reaches out, it’s usually the offer of a lifetime—but not for sophomore Anika Varughese.
“My parents wanted me to go there. Growing up, it’s always been hard to impress them because my brother is super smart; so my parents have high expectations for how I perform in school and were pressuring me to go,” Varughese said.
The process of applying to the school included everything from testing, teacher recommendations and shadowing. As she took a closer look at the school, red flags started to appear.
“It started getting complicated when I realized their curriculum and ours is very different. We have an option to take AP World History as freshmen, while they aren’t allowed to until they are sophomores and my credits wouldn’t transfer over,” Varughese said.

Katina Sutarov
Sophomore Anika Varughese studies for a presentation in medical health science.

Her goal is to enter the medical field and attend Wayne State University. The classes Eisenhower offers students interested in the medical field influenced Varughese’s decision to attend.
“It’s better for me that I went to Eisenhower. My parents were shocked I wasn’t going to Cranbrook, but the medical health classes made them realize I could be successful going to Ike.
“You don’t need to go to a fancy, prestigious school to be successful. You control your future.”