Kolinski flips into cheer

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Kolinski flips into cheer

Piper Trembour, Staff Writer

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From around the time she could walk to present day, sophomore Marissa Kolinski has lived and breathed gymnastics, until now.

“I decided I would try out for cheer since I had done gymnastics for so long, and I would like to try something new,” Kolinski said.

Growing up doing gymnastics helped Kolinski get on the cheer team because of the skills that she learned from gymnastics.

“I know I am going to face some challenges such as tumbling as a cheerleader instead of a gymnast, since the way they do stunts is different,”

According to Kolinski, gymnastics is a lot different because at times, it can be more rigorous due to the different types of skills you must know to compete.

“Overall, I’m just really looking forward to the season with my new teammates, and I’m looking forward to the football season already.”


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