Reid recalls SAT prep

Senior, Parker Reid, talks about his experience with SAT prep

Lauren Harris, Editor

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Parker Reid `17

Q: How do remember feeling as you went into the testing room to take the SAT for the first time?

Reid: I was confident, because of all the prep I did.

Q: What did you do in preparation?

Reid: I took a few classes and did some courses online to study.

Q: Did you achieve the score you wanted the first attempt? If not, did you try again?

Reid: No, not the first time but I did the second.

Q: Should people be discouraged to take their SAT test again?

Reid: No, if you think you can do better you should definitely try again.

Q: What advice would you give to juniors as they start preparing for their testing session?

Reid: Look for classes online to study, because there are lots of them and try to take the PSAT again if possible.

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