What Netflix series should you binge watch next?


Grace Kulin, Editor-in-chief

  1. What was the last show you binged on?

a. The Office

b. Orange is the New Black

c. Stranger Things

  1. What is your favorite type of show to watch?

a. Comedy

b. Drama

c. Thriller

  1. How often do you watch Netflix?

a. Not very often

b. A few times a week

c. As much as possible

  1. How many seasons are you looking to commit to?

a. A handful

b. No more than 10

b. As many as possible

  1. Do you want a show that still has new episodes coming out?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Doesn’t matter


If you picked mostly c’s: You should watch “New Girl,” a comedy about a girl who moves into an apartment with three random men. If you’re looking to laugh without needing to remember everything from the last episode, this is the Netflix series for you.


If you picked mostly b’s: You should watch “Gilmore Girls,” a drama about a single mom and her teen daughter. Like “Orange is the New Black” the show’s lead characters are women. If you’re looking for a drama that won’t leave you hanging after you finish, this is for you.


If you picked mostly c’s: You should watch “Supernatural,” a thriller about two brothers who center their lives around fighting evil. As the name implies, this show involves all sorts of things supernatural, like “American Horror Story.” With 11 seasons and more episodes coming, you’ll have plenty of binging to do.