Evergreen Teens

Environmental club comes out on top in the Michigan Green Schools awards.


Resolutely recycling. Members of the environmental club participate in recycling around the school. This was only one of the many programs the club upheld to better the school and community.

Ava Nightingale, Staff writer

Winning the top Evergreen award in Michigan Green Schools was the result of all the hard work the environmental club has done.

“I just wanted to make a difference in our community and be the leader for other people so they can have a guide on what to do and what they can do to make our environment better,” senior and vice president Gabriella LoRe said.

Environmental club also took home the sustainability award for being a part of the Michigan Green Schools program since its inception. It’s been nearly two decades of striving to help better the school, community and environment since Brygida Deriemaker started the club.

“The club brings awareness to our surroundings and makes us conscious of the decisions we make like with recycling,” sophomore and first year member Gabby Coffee said.

The activities the club has worked on all qualified for each of the four different categories in the award selection process. These activities include recycling around the school, building a birdhouse habitat and teaching lessons on sustainability energy. 

“I feel like people need to have balance and create a nice environment where everyone can come together and enjoy having a good community,” LoRe said.