Abigail J. Trudelle
Hello! My name is Abigail Trudelle and I am a sophomore. I really enjoy writing, although I’ve never taken a journalism class. Some of my hobbies include baking and reading. My favorite genres of books are sci-fi and fantasy; I also really like historical fiction fiction novels. My family lives pretty close by to me, so I have the opportunity to see them often, which I am grateful for. My grandparents live in the same subdivision as me! My mom owns her own business, which is a daycare. Because it is run out of our home, I work there two to three times a week. I also am sort of a perfectionist. I want everything to be the best it can. This year, I hope to get more out of my comfort zone and make some new memories!

Abigail J. Trudelle, Staff Writer

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Abigail J. Trudelle