Dine and donate

The wrestling team sets up a fundraiser on January 19th


Courtesy photo Maria Kaljaj

A fundraiser for the wrestling team happens on Jan. 19. “Anybody can show up. They are going to have music, open mic. We also have a bunch of raffles, probably two or three 50-50 ones,” head coach David Drath said. The funds received during this event plan to be used for wrestling equipment and supplies.

Abigail J. Trudelle, Staff Writer

On Jan. 19 at the Red Ox Tavern in Utica, there’s a fundraiser in order to support the wrestling team.

The event takes place at the from 2-7 p.m. and during this time, 15 percent of the food bill goes to the team. Live music will be available at the venue; Music Maker Studio plans to host the open mic.

“Music Maker Studio is donating their time to set up the stage, tear down the stage and provide the performers. A lot of work is involved in doing the shows, so thank you to them,” parent Maria Kaljaj said. 

At the event, there are multiple opportunities to participate in raffles; two or three 50-50 raffles are open during this time. There are also 16 raffles available.

“A lot of the [money] goes towards incidentals, like cleaning supplies. There is a take down machine that I want; that was the first thing I bought back in 1992. That broke; we welded it several times. If we make enough, I’d like to use [the money] to offset going to summer camps because some of the kids want to do that,” head coach David Drath said.

Students on the team also hope that the fundraiser will make more opportunities available to play.

“[I hope that the fundraiser will] give us more money,” senior Joshua Trudelle said, “So we can go to more faraway meets, like Bay City.”