Workout sprees without fees

Learn about free Planet Fitness membership for teens


Katherine Farmer

Gains galore. Teens can find many Planet Fitnesses in the area, one of the closest being located at Shelby Plaza on 23 mile and Van Dyke. Pre-register has already begun for the program as the start date of May 15 grows closer and closer so visit the Planet Fitness website or app to sign up.

Katherine Farmer, Staff Writer

Bummer summers are out, fitness filled summers are in. 

“Working out is my passion because I look forward to it every day,” said junior Angela Ujkaj. “And I like keeping my health strong.”

Starting on May 15 any teenager ages 14 through 19 can sign up to receive a free Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass. This temporary membership allows teens to workout for free at their chosen location of a Planet Fitness until August 31.

“Before working out, I feel tired and moody,” said sophomore Halima Musanovic. “After I feel refreshed and completed.”

Teens must choose a “home base” to workout in when they sign up, as they are not allowed to workout at any other Planet Fitness facilities. To jumpstart and prepare for opening day, PDF workouts, which include 20 minute core toning and 20 minute full body-no equipment, are available on their website or app. The Planet Fitness mobile app allows users to access their digital gym card, track workouts, and discover new workouts.

“It helps teens become more active as well as learn proper gym techniques,” Planet Fitness employee Fabio said. “It helps with getting good form as well as promoting good fitness.”

To sign up, teens under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver while teens 18 and over just need to fill out the online form. Even returning members of the program must go through the process of signing up again. Overall, Planet Fitness has made an easy way for teens to visit the gym to exercise and teens should take advantage of this freebie. 

“I think it is a very good thing Planet Fitness is doing because it encourages them to come without having to pay,” said Musanovic. “And after working out you just feel good about yourself.”