Bash on bathrooms

Schools closing bathrooms during school hours has caused an array of problems


Next to student restrooms, there are rules that clearly state what is expected of anyone who uses it. Many students tend to abuse these, forcing higher-ups to unfairly close the bathrooms for those who intend to use it correctly.

Bella Bidler, Staff Writer

      If you find yourself needing to use the restroom during passing time, think again. 

      According to, “…closed restrooms have become an inconvenient nuisance that can mostly be blamed on kids who abuse restroom privileges.” 

       Let’s address the elephant in the room; it’s no secret as to why these bathrooms are being constantly closed. Students are seen trashing the floors with chip wrappers and crumbs, not properly cleaning the seats after use, and vaping and crowding with large groups both in and out of the stalls. In turn, upper authorities are being forced to close school restrooms during passing time and during class. 

      When bathrooms are closed, students find themselves having to go to further restrooms which take up a large amount of time, since not only do they have to go to another bathroom across the school, but they have to wait in the long line to even use the restroom.

      According to, “bathroom passes can be used as academic currency that can lead to unhealthy attitudes and habits for children who care about getting good grades.”

       Some teachers even include limited bathroom passes, so for many students, this is a forced reality when bathrooms close. Having bathroom passes poses a risk for the students who crave the highest grade possible. They prefer to skip using the bathroom to earn extra credit- a reward granted when you don’t use your passes- which increases their risk for developing kidney problems. 

      However, this is a matter of figuring out how to fix this issue. Bathroom monitors? Some students could say that’s too restrictive. More bathrooms? That’s more chance of bad situations. More stalls within the bathroom? That would require construction in areas that may not work or cause the bathrooms to be closed for even longer.

      Schools should not be allowed to close the bathrooms as long as students do their part in not contributing to major issues. A new system needs to be developed in order to help the issue and remain an open case in order to input some thinking and action on tackling this issue.