New year, new E-Board

Current juniors on student council prepare for the 2022-2023 school year


The 2022-2023 student council E-board takes a picture.

Ava Kaspari, Editor

With the 2021-2022 school year coming to an end, junior student council members prepare to take over for their senior year. 

“My goals for STUCO (student council) next year are definitely to be more efficient than I think I can work,” junior Claire Lippert said. “I want everyone to be the set spirit example for next year.”

Her role this year is an underclassmen representative. Next year she will be student council president. 

“I would like the board to respect one another and work for each other when needed,” Lippert said. 

Lippert has been working on many things for student council members. She has also been coming up with new ideas for the new year approaches and she aims to keep the student body entertained.

“I have been brewing ideas for teacher appreciation gifts. I have also been thinking about ways to make lunch more interesting, such as Friday karaoke,” Lippert said.

Lippert also plans on hanging QR codes around the school so kids can have a chance to have their ideas be featured throughout the year. 

“My position allows me to go and utilize a social media platform. We are going to work on expanding our presence on social media,” historian Lucas Mazurek said.

As for changes for the new year, Mazurek’s biggest hope is to increase social media presence; including posting more and increasing student involvement.

“I am most excited to raise the school spirit in council,” Lippert said. “I am really looking forward to watching everyone grow as a family and have efficient communication. This will ensure direct directions with projects and successful outcomes.”