Senior celebrate spirit week

This week, senior spirit week, holds events for seniors

Rachael Gaulin, Staff writer

Seniors will get their apparel, Hershey kisses of good luck, and cap and gown information during this spirit week. “I got a kiss for my sister Kaelyn because I wanted to be nice and get her a kiss,” junior Samantha Conkey said. A week dedicated to our seniors for their last year of high school.

 Seniors, this week is all for you, it’s senior spirit week.

“I feel that senior week is a very rewarding thing for us,” senior Stephen Menard said. “It’s a celebration that we are almost there and celebrating everything we have gone through as high schoolers, especially Covid-19.”

  • Tuesday, Oct. 5: Was supposed to be the day for senior apparel pick up, but because of a delay, it will be moved to Thursday, Oct. 7 after school or Friday, Oct. 8 during lunch.


  • Wednesday, Oct. 6: It’s “kiss a senior” day, where students can purchase a cluster of Hershey kisses for $1 with a little note of good luck to be delivered on Friday, during 6th hour. 


  • Thursday, Oct. 7: Students can pick up pre-ordered senior apparel during lunches.


  • Friday, Oct 8: It’s all about traditions with the senior hand wall during the first three hours of the day, depending on last name. Cap and gown information from Jostens will also be distributed. Students can pick up pre-ordered senior apparel during lunches.