Fresh fashion in full bloom

New trends gain popularity as the seasons change from winter to spring


Justice Seay, Staff Writer

Spring brings a time of renewalflowers bloom and the sun shines after a long, dreary winterand with this change, new fashion trends appear and old ones disappear like the melting snow.

Winter fashions generally stay stagnant over the years, especially in the cold Michigan climate. Every year is the same storypuffer coats, sweatshirts and leggings fill the halls, like a sea of dull and drab waves, which is fitting, as sometimes it can feel like one is drowning in the mundane days of the winter months. Spring provides new beginnings, and with it, warmer weather allowing for more expression and freedom in fashion choices.

Possibly the most anticipated part of spring in Michigan is the promise of higher temperatures. Although this opens up opportunities for beach trips and top-down car rides, it closes the doors on heavy fabrics in clothing items, such as sweatshirts and thicker jackets. If you’re clutching your oversized hoodie right now don’t fret. An oversized denim jacket or vintage-looking windbreaker fills the hole in a closet, while still allowing one to avoid getting overheated in the afternoon when temperatures rise. 

Layers can help one adjust to the changing weather in addition to making one’s outfit seem well-thought out and put together.

In winter, neutral and earth toned clothing gives an aesthetic look that fits with the monotonous landscape. In spring, however, adding pops of color and interesting patterns lighten the mood of an outfit to match the bright hues of spring. Since being shown on spring 2020 runways from Gucci to Louis Vuitton, louder shades and patterns will be sure to hit mainstream stores soon. “For spring I’m seeing a lot of pastels, like a mint green. Maybe lavender too,” junior Jordyn Holfield said. “I really enjoy 70’s and 80’s fashion and I think that’s coming back. I see a lot of people on social media wearing old, vintage pieces.” 

The 70’s and 80’s are now notorious for their unique, flashy fashion trends, so it would be no surprise to see a resurgence of some of the iconic colors and patterns popularized during that time.

If giving up winter staple items seems like the end of the world, consider repurposing them to adjust to the new spring styles. Want to get the most wear out of your Doc Martens? Miss your favorite sweater that gets too hot to wear in April? Style them with a patterned dress or skirt from Brandy Melville or Urban Outfitters for an updated look that incorporates favorite winter items and is still comfortable.

The shift in fashion also brings a change in the trends of makeup and accessories. Some of the fastest growing makeup trends can be seen on the Spring 2020 runway, such as natural glam looks, as well as editorial-inspired makeup seen in shows like “Euphoria” that aims to make a bold statement while still looking fresh-faced. For accessories, chunky Billie Eilish-esque chains are being replaced with daintier necklaces and ring sets that compliment an outfit, but not distract from it.

Changes in seasons bring new trends and kill old ones off. Whether one is a fashion expert or someone who wears the first clean clothes they see in the morning, keeping up with the latest styles can be overwhelming. In actuality, fashion should be a means of expressing who one is, regardless of the latest trend or what celebrities wear. 

The only way to truly pull off an outfit is by having confidence, so whether one follows suggestions made in this article or defies all influences of the fashion world, one should wear what they choose knowing that it’s unapologetically them and that’s always on trend.